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Biennial Meetings & Symposia

Since 2001 the Mozart Society of America has organized biennial conferences that attract an international group of scholars and performers as participants and attendees. These conferences explore various themes in Mozart studies through papers, panel discussions, library- or museum-sponsored exhibitions, and performances.

Our Next Meetings

MSA Session at Mostly Mozart Festival, Lincoln Center
Sunday, 30 July 2017, 3:00–4:30 p.m.

Call for Proposals

It was largely on account of the young Wolfgang Mozart that the English language acquired the word “Wunderkind” (which in German originally designated the miraculously conceived Jesus Christ); when Wolfgang and his elder sister Maria Anna exhibited their musical skills in London in 1764 and 1765, they were advertised as “Prodigies of Nature.” But whatever term was used, the extraordinary compositional and performing skills shown by Wolfgang, in particular, while still a child, have ever since loomed large in his biography and in the reception of his music.

The MSA Program Committee invites proposals for short papers (20 minutes) that address the theme of “Mozart the Wunderkind,” treating such issues as: the concepts of “genius” and “prodigy” during Mozart’s time (especially in relation to music and childhood), the early travels and exhibitions of skill by the Mozart children, other child prodigies (musical and otherwise) during the 18th century, compositional modeling by the young Wolfgang Mozart, artistic display by and exploitation of child performers in pre-modern times, Leopold Mozart’s educational and promotional strategies with regard to his children, musicians and other personalities encountered by the Mozart children during their early travels, and so forth.

Topics should be proposed in abstracts of up to 300 words and sent to Bruce Alan Brown at by 31 May 2017. One need not be an MSA member in order to submit a proposal, but all speakers chosen must be members of the Society by the time the session takes place. The panel will include three papers and there will be time at the end for questions from the audience.

Past Conferences

Sessions at the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Panel Sessions at Mostly Mozart Festival

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