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The Autobiography of Ludwig Fischer, Mozart's First Osmin, 2nd edition
Translated with Commentary by Paul Corneilson

Ludwig Fischer Cover

Portrait of Luwig Fischer
Courtesy of ÖNB/Wien
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The bass Ludwig Fischer (1745–1825) created several important roles, including Osmin in Die Entführung aus dem Serail (1782). Around 1792 he wrote an autobiography with anecdotes about his singing teacher Anton Raaff, his travels through Europe, and some of the operas he sang in. This book includes a facsimile of Fischer's manuscript, a transcription, the first complete English translation, an introduction, and commentary. Also included are piano-vocal scores of six of the arias Fischer sang: "Freund, zweifle nicht" from Anton Schweitzer's Alceste,"Wenn das Silber deiner Haare" from Ignaz Holzbauer's Günther von Schwarzburg, "Bei meiner Seel, dies wäre viel" from Antonio Salieri's Der Rauchfangkehrer, "Solche hergelauf'ne Laffen" from Mozart's Entführung, “Leon piagato a morte” from Antonio Sacchini’s Adriano in Siria, and "Dirai che di pace" from Johann Friedrich Reichardt's Brenno, as well as a song by Fischer himself, "Der Kritikaster und der Trinker." This book is available for purchase from

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